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Frank Valenta Afbeelding 1
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Name: Frank Valenta
Country: Singapore
Model: 850 Le Mans
Production year:
Owner since:
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It is a little heretical to paint a genuine LeMans Mk1 (Chassis VE-76998, engine VE 07998, Dec 1977) in S3 livery, but I absolutely love that paintjob.

The restoration was done by my friend and classics mechanic José Ortega of Montreal.

Here is what we did to it:
- Modify headlight to be flush with fairing (European standard, the US version sticks out which I thought was not as nice)
- Repaint frame SATIN BLACK
- Repaint bike in S3 paint scheme: black and orange (ref photo)
- Stainless steel valves to enable use of lead free gas
- Automatic timing chain tensioner
- Lightened flywheel ram low inertia complete kit
- Electronic ignition, dyna with coils (no dual spark)
- alternator upgrade + new battery
- Replace wiring harness, replace relays for starter, horn, headlight, high beams, parking lights and turnsignals. Low beam lights when engine starts and remains on. Add plug for GPS.
- Upgrade headlight low beam to HID
- New cables : throttle, clutch, speedometer and tachometer
- Overhauled brake system : new pistons and seals, stainless steel brake lines with black hull, remove front to rear link
- Keep actual seat
- Rear shocks
- front forks upgrade internals Bitubo, fork seals + dust seal
- Lafranconi competition exhausts
- Speedometer display in km/h
- air filters + mirror
- New tires F & R: + black rim paint

We did nothing to the motor because the previous owner had it overhauled. That turned out to be a mistake as it blew on its first test ride in Singapore. He had not ridden it in too long. The engine is currently disassembled and parts are on the way from E-Bay and MG Cycle. I hope to have it back on the road in a few weeks.