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Brian Bennett Afbeelding 1
Brian Bennett Afbeelding 2
Name: Brian Bennett
Place: Mount Gambier
Country: Australia
Model: 850 Le Mans Mk3
Production year: 2/1983
Owner since: 6/2015
Additional information

Engine no. VF016775.

I bought the Mk3 about two months ago, I was looking for a MK1 but couldnt find one and came across the MK3. It had been sitting for 8 years and was part of a deceased estate but it was a good price which allowed me to spend some more on it to improve it. I've added some pics including one of it when I bought it, fortunately it came with all the original fairings and parts. I gave it a good going over, all the usual stuff, tyres brake pads etc etc plus I fitted a new exhaust, it had a two-into-one system on it which I didnt like so I replaced it with Stucci pipes and crossover and a pair of Lafranconi mufflers. I intend to repaint the tank and fairing but its our winter here so I have to wait until summer so I can do the painting. I will continue to improve it as time goes by but my main aim was to get it to a sound rideable condition as soon as I could.

I would still like a MK1 and are always looking, its just a matter of finding a reasonable bike for a reasonable price, hopefully the right one will come along oneday.