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24-04-2019 16:35

Hallo Zusammen
Sehr schöne und interessante Seite. Die LM ist ein wunderbares Motorrad und ich habe Glück das ich von der LM 1-3 je 1 Stk. habe!
Wünsche allzeit gute und sichere Fahrt.
Grüsse aus der Schweiz



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25-04-2019 17:01

Vielen Dank, André. Du bist mit deiner Le Mans-Sammlung privilegiert. Vielleicht willst du Fotos senden?


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17-03-2019 15:09
Samuel Karres

Great pages guys! Well done!
I have read a lot from your pages and was again confirmed on my crazy MG love (T3 and LM2)!!! Feels good!
However, I rather keep the technique running and optics is secondary.
Super nice riding!!!
Weiter so!
Cheers from Samuel of Germany ;-)


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17-03-2019 16:23

Thanks Samuel!

Many enjoyable and safe kilometers with the LM2 and T3!


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15-01-2019 11:34
Joern Jarnved

Hi Friends out there.
My biggest wish this year are that all comments are written in english.
It's very difficult to read Nederlands:-))
Have a happy new year.


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15-01-2019 11:29
Joern Jarnved, Denmark

Hi Friends
I have just bought a Le Mans 1976, VE12218, serie 1 and very original.
In spite of that i have 2 questions:
1. It has two horns, is that correct?
2. The rear signals light are sitting on a straight rod not a curved rod, is that correct?
Thanks for a great site.


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01-08-2018 21:49
Dr. Zip

I have an 1983 850 Le Mans III with engine number: VF017763, but I can find no reference to any such number existing...


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09-07-2018 09:24

I have a LM 2 for sale in Holland. Anyone interested?




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26-06-2018 13:52
Mike Hill

I have just recently begun the restoration and rebuild of a 1979 850 Le Mans Mk2. I have discovered that the original paint colour was that cobalt blue shade. Can anyone help with a paint name and paint code, or an automotive match?


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19-10-2018 18:52

The blue is the same as a 1976 BMW R100 RS


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12-05-2018 13:26
Kenneth Mitchell

Very happy to be an owner/rider of a 1976 Moto Guzzi Le Mans that I imported earlier this year to the UK. It was previously owned by an elderly gentleman in Parma who prized it among his modest collection. Apart from the replacement seat, it's in mostly original finish which makes it quite a find, I think. Whilst retaining the original KPH speedometer, I have fitted a NOS MPH version. I love how this machine fits together. It's so easy to maintain, yet it feels like a solid piece of engineering. I trailed it for only 5 miles, very recently, after finalising all the documentation making it road legal. It's a memorable ride for all the best reasons! I love this dedicated site to this machine. Thanks.


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13-12-2017 01:59
George Ross

Proud original owner of a 1978 Le Mans hoping to find the color code for this bike. Would like to repaint my red bike as close to original as possible.


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29-11-2016 22:22
Charles Boucher

I just bought a le mans from 1978 and was wondering whether some one can help me as i am planning to use my bike for longer trips would welcome suggestion how to store luggage eg any suggestions for bags systems?


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09-12-2016 17:06

Oxford saddlebags (X50) perhaps?

Good luck!


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