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17-03-2019 15:09
Samuel Karres

Great pages guys! Well done!
I have read a lot from your pages and was again confirmed on my crazy MG love (T3 and LM2)!!! Feels good!
However, I rather keep the technique running and optics is secondary.
Super nice riding!!!
Weiter so!
Cheers from Samuel of Germany ;-)


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17-03-2019 16:23

Thanks Samuel!

Many enjoyable and safe kilometers with the LM2 and T3!


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15-01-2019 11:34
Joern Jarnved

Hi Friends out there.
My biggest wish this year are that all comments are written in english.
It's very difficult to read Nederlands:-))
Have a happy new year.


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15-01-2019 11:29
Joern Jarnved, Denmark

Hi Friends
I have just bought a Le Mans 1976, VE12218, serie 1 and very original.
In spite of that i have 2 questions:
1. It has two horns, is that correct?
2. The rear signals light are sitting on a straight rod not a curved rod, is that correct?
Thanks for a great site.


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01-08-2018 21:49
Dr. Zip

I have an 1983 850 Le Mans III with engine number: VF017763, but I can find no reference to any such number existing...


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09-07-2018 09:24

I have a LM 2 for sale in Holland. Anyone interested?




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