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24-07-2016 21:11

I wanted to say 'Thank you' for your excellent site, it looks great and the magazine articles in particular are a fantastic resource that it is generous of you to share.


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04-12-2015 14:21
Gert Schnoegl

Hi all, does anybody know where iI can get a original LM1 riders manual in italian englisch or german language? No copies please, I am looking for the original! Any hints and tips welcome! Ciao, Gert


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13-11-2015 15:35

Who has a Le Mans 1 or 2 for sale?
Please send a mail with photo and price to


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08-01-2016 13:25

Hi Eddie,
Already had a look at ?


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19-07-2015 01:33
George Clain

So I am still looking for coments about a frame and engine number begining with a 7 NOT a 1 Both numbers match, both start with a clear 7 and I am the orginal owner of this 1978/850 LeMans. Anyone know anything about this anomaly?????


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09-10-2017 13:58
Dave Hough

I know its an old thread but my mk1 lemans frame no starts with a (VE) 7 not a 1, Mike Lacey dating officer of the Moto Guzzi Club GB could not throw much light on this other than guessing a worker stamping the frame picked up a 7 instead of a 1 but I have since heard of a Canadian MK1 frame no starting with a 7 but got no answer to my enquiry.


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05-10-2015 16:08
Alfred Wilson

Hello George, if your LeMans is registered in the United States, it's registered using the engine number and not frame number that Moto Guzzi stamped on the head stock.
For instance, my 76' LeMans is registered in California as 70*** which is a variation of the number stamped on the engine which is 070***.
Partially obscured by the registration plate riveted to the head stock is the factory stamped frame number VE11***.
Why the U.S. importer used engine numbers instead of frame numbers for DMV registration is a debated issue even today.
Hope this helps.


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18-08-2015 06:47

There is a Mk1 currently for sale here in Australia and it looks ok. It has engine no. VF 071947. I will try and add a link, I hope it works.


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09-05-2015 17:09
Cas van den Eijnde

mooie site jongens, gr cas


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10-11-2014 17:50

Hi I have a 1978 lemans mk1 series 2. The bike needs retiring as the previous restoration was not done very well. I am looking for photographs under the tank and behind the side panels etc etc to help with installing the new loom and making sure relays, rectifiers etc are all installed in the right locations. Any help / links to photos etc would be much appreciated


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11-11-2014 21:49

Hi David,

Here's a start.


Side panels:

And here you can find a lot more:

Good luck!


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11-11-2014 23:10

Thanks, note I am re wiring the bike ( not retiring it ! - Google auto spell malfunction)

I have all the manuals an am looking for photographs under the tank, behind the side panels and under the seat. This is to help me see where all the relays, volt packs and wiring should be 😊


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